Cycle of life : same allure different stories

This year is a harder year for me… yep. Many hard things happened to me. Start from I moved to this city then till now almost a year living in here.

 Every 2 years that’s happen to me, since 2007. I got harder years and like a circles, up and down. And then this year is back happened to me. Okay let’s flashback to 2009, I also got hard things, I decided to quit from collage and have “big war” with my parents, oh almost forget before that, one of psycho boy from senior in my collage stalked at me. Ewwww… very bad! That’s why I quit from collage (beside that I hate learn at that faculty and upset with my parents cause didn’t give any permitted to catch the scholarship at one of my favorite university).  And you know what, that happened during June to August. At this year, on same month (during June – August) I got problem again, I just think this is only examination from God. First, I got accident, bad one, and I must have 2 weeks bed rest, then got scar on my face, leg and my arm. Then couple weeks later after I felt better, I went to office, then I lost my cell phone, arrrrrrgh!!! I am so sad, cause many important files and stuff inside my hand held. Errrgh!!!! And many more. I am facing hardest thing again. God! Maybe you have a plan from this. Errrgh!!! My body and soul very messy now, and drain all of stamina. Since I was live here, I have bad habit, sometimes I am not sleep at night, then awake all day long, I eat much and only have a bit time for exercise (actually after accident). But I still thanks to God, cause I still healthy until now, I must keep my mood okay, happy and smile, try to keep positive thinking (kinda hard sometimes), and keep balance mind. And my outside too, I need more concern to stay healthy, have a good stamina and recover some part of my body.

Aside the problem couple years ago, cause this year all problem what I face is came from my bad habit. I have less sleep, that’s a origin cause on this case. But why…. that came every 2 years and during June – August??? That’s a mystery one. Like a same allure but different stories. I don’t know why. After I analyzed this things, so the next I can warn my self and prepare what will come next. Maybe I can study my self. Hahaha!!! That’s not a jokes, okay now it’s time for me to fix up all. From keep my soul, mind and body.

This song maybe suitable with my story, yeah exactly cause I living alone without family. I only can blame myself. But I’ll never give up for my life. This is one of challenge from my big adventure. 😉

I am ready for recover all. And start everything, mmmmmh… continue is better word I think. Hahaha poor me. 😛

keep smile and stay strong!



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