Watchout! There’s unhealthy part.

Sometimes in our life there bad part come to us like a cut the atmosphere with a knife. That’s means very-very-unfriendly moment happen to you.

That’s a part of our life, when you face two-faced-man in your life, and social media will make it more easy being two-faced-man. Maybe some stupid person never notice about that, and nowadays that’s very easy to know about others people’s life. But sometimes they’re haven’t protect their public-views-post. Many case on that makes some people got fired on job, lost their career also lost their friendship. I think with too-open-public-person is not good idea too, on other side it’s works to help build a popularity. The positive side as good as always if someone can keep their attitude on top list. But, have you imagine that? If an ‘educated’ person can forget about their manner in social-media-life? Yes! It happen on that. Just now, I’ve faced a pretty big mess problem in my office, and makes me like a thorn on my side. I felt so hurt about that. Heck yeah I am so disappointed, I was so tired to built up this also all of my partners have same felt. And because of their post like a tiger’s roaring then makes all over and it’s wrap!!! Gosh!!!! Because of that all of the team’s dream was broke up. All things wreck and broken by a week.

Oh poor us. My team was mess. And we must started again from zero, like a press a reboot button, fuh! It just reboot button not shut down at all. We can still collect some little spirit for survival and begin again. It’s doesn’t matter to me and my team, cause we still have much idea, and stock of treasure around us. So there’s some benefits and also damages using social media, but now we have some evidence from the people who wanna prejudice us. So beware with your post on social media, because it’ll hurt and makes some people loss their job or else. Although the victims never involved on that case or problem. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!!


have no idea now :\



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